Our Services

Basic Repair

Whether it is just a small patch job or the entire area, in just a matter of days we will make your brick work look as good as new!

Curbs and Edge Restraints

Enhance the look and longevity of your brick work with edge restraints. As time goes by, bricks tend to spread apart, leading to a weaker driveway and reduced lifespan. Edge restraints reducing the spread and increase the strength by keeping the bricks interlocked. Choose from two options:

  1. Aluminum or plastic edging that comes in 8-foot sections and is held in place with 10-inch spikes. This option is perfect for those looking for a subtle and flexible solution around curves.
  2. Long concrete brick restraints that can be up to a meter in length and significantly deeper than the bricks they hold in place. This option is visible and more durable in straight lines, but not as flexible around curves. Choose a contrasting color to enhance the appearance of this option, which can be placed flush with the brick work or elevated to create a curb.

Polymeric Sand

To ensure the longevity of your brickwork, the use of sand between the joints is crucial. The fine, compact particles of sand help the bricks interlock properly. However, over time, the sand can wash away and be replaced with dirt, making it easier for weeds to grow and weaken the interlocking structure. To combat this, using polymeric sand can help. Polymeric sand contains chemical or organic compounds that, when activated with water, adhere to the bricks and hold the sand in place, reducing maintenance and preventing weed growth. With polymeric sand, you can enjoy a durable and well-maintained brick driveway for longer.

Pressure Wash Cleaning

The growth of moss and mold can dull the appearance of your brickwork over time, especially in shaded areas. To ensure a refreshed and revitalized look, it is important to perform a thorough pressure washing before any repair work. This method effectively removes all surface dirt and debris, leaving the bricks looking brand new. Although pressure washing may not always be necessary, it is essential in preventing a patchy and inconsistent appearance of the brickwork. Without pressure washing, the dirty bricks located in shaded areas may not be relocated in the same exact position, making it difficult to achieve a uniform and clean look.

Maintenance Check up and Re-Sanding

We are more than willing to come by and assess your brick work and offer any recommendations.  In the case where sand may have washed out we can easily top that up for you.


There are 3 main reasons why you should have you driveway sealed:

1) Aesthetically brings out the colour

2) Helps protects the bricks from oil and salt

3) Helps to hold the sand in between the joints


A common misconception is that when sealed, the brickwork becomes slippery.  In some cases this is true, however this isn’t the fact with all brands and products.  And even for those instances another product can be added to the mix to help give the sealant some grit to prevent slipping.  It is recommended that reapplication occur every 2-3 years depending on the brand in order to maintain the protective layer and colour boost.

New Soldier Course or New Interior Pattern

One of the great things about bricks is that they are built to last for years, potentially outlasting your stay at your current home. However, if you’re looking for a change, consider updating your brickwork with a new pattern or contrasting color. By replacing the perimeter with a new brick or adding a new pattern in the middle, you can revitalize your brickwork and make it uniquely yours. This is also a good opportunity to replace any stained or broken bricks that may detract from the overall look of your brickwork. This is especially useful if you are looking to make an extension.


Whether your just looking to add an extra foot to the width of your driveway so that you have a bit more room to open/close doors, or whether you’re looking at adding a whole additional lane in your driveway, we can help you with that.  Keep in mind the square foot rate will be a bit higher than a typical repair, but that is so that we can excavated, install a proper gravel base, and purchase new bricks.

Steps (Precast Concrete)

One of the common issues we face is the safety of steps, which can become unstable due to wear and tear or sinking. To avoid any injury, we offer solutions to either repair or replace your steps. Pre-cast concrete steps have improved greatly in recent years, offering a similar look to natural stone while being lighter and more uniform, making them a cost-effective option. We can also design and build custom steps and landings to any size using retaining wall blocks.

New Patio or Walkway

It may be the front of the house that people see driving by, but it is the back of the house where we bring our friends and spend time with the family on those warm summer evenings.  In our busy lives it can be our little oasis to escape to and relax.  With so many different brick options, the possibilities are limitless for you to create you backyard of choice.

Retaining Wall

Add some vertical dimensions to your property either in the front of the house for a garden or in the back for a raised patio.

Replace Asphalt/Concrete with Brick

Tired of all the cracks you are getting in you asphalt or concrete?  Instead of just covering up the problem by patching the low areas with more asphalt, why not switch to brick where any future repair job will look as good as new?  Rather than throw out all that concrete every time you need a repair, with bricks it’s an easy fix.