About Us

Brick Fix is a company dedicated to providing you with the best brick driveway, walkway, and patio possible.  We have years of experience in the industry to make sure your driveway is repaired to perfection in a timely manner.  Currently we are celebrating our 15th year in business.

We learned the trade by working with our dad and his brick company all through high school.  After taking business courses at the University of Western Ontario we starting thinking of ways to improve his company.  Our dad ended up challenging us to start our own company and since then we have graduated from our programs and Brick Fix has grown to 8 crews servicing multiple cities.  

Originally just a company created to help pay for tuition continues to grow thanks to our competitive advantage consisting of 3 things:

  1. Quality service: we specialize in only bricks so we are really good at one thing rather than spreading our talents out.
  2. Timing: with our experience, expertise and multiple crews we are able to efficiently meet your deadlines in a timely manner.
  3. Cost: from the sheer volume of bricks we fix we are able to keep costs down.

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